Social Networking Groups - North East England

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Personal Development Circle North East

The Personal Development Circle North East is designed to bring together people interested exploring personal / self development and connecting with others with shared interests.  We have a mix of socials and workshops.If you are interested in any of the following you are welcome to join us.

  • Coaching Cafe (dipping into a Coaches toolkit)

  • NLP Cafe (NLP practice group)

  • Personal Development Cafe - Durham

  • Law of Attraction Cafe

  • Teachings of Abraham discussion group

  • Spirituality Cafe

  • Support Group (summertime only)

Our sessions up by 'type' so it's easier to follow our sessions on our events calendar.


  • Time Management

  • Work Life Balance

  • Developing your Coaching Skills

  • Stress Buster 

  • Silencing your Inner Critic

  • Confidence Building

We will also be adding Change Breaks in 2015.

Professional People North East

Professional People North East is a friendship and social group for single men and women over 40 in the North East, people who would like to meet new people, socialise, make friends and enjoy life.  

Professional People North East is all about the members, social events in a relaxed and comfortable environment whilst building friendships.

There are regular events e.g. bar meals, drinks, tea rooms, bar-meals, dining, theatre, cinema, dating workshops, overnight breaks, and more. Most of the dining events will be capped at under 10 members - this is so that we have the opportunity to talk together and can get to know each other better.