An Introduction to Coaching for Lawyers

This workshop is delivered over the telephone / skype / webinar on a 1 to 1 basis with the client.  The workshop will be personalised to your needs and requirements.  It is delivered over 4 sessions at dates & times mutually convenient to us both.

Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers

A great interactive workshop where you can find out about coaching;

  • the incredible difference that great coaching can bring about in your performance at home and at work;
  • whether coaching is right for you and and
  • how to make the decision to hire a coach.

You will be coached yourself so you can experience the impact of coaching

Here are the seven steps that you will discover throughout the course ...

Step 1- Coaching defined ... what exactly is coaching?

Learn the latest definitions of coaching, so that you understand EXACTLY how coaching differs from other helping professions.

You will discover that coaching is far more than a conversation; it's a carefully crafted set of strategies created to enable the client to realise their true potential by freeing them from doubt and fear and finding powerful steps forward.

At the end of the workshop course you will understand exactly WHY and HOW coaching works. Is it psychology, NLP or something else? You will have your questions answered. This is a great place to start.

Step 2 - The Potential of Coaching ... the results you can expect

This step covers the empirical evidence that coaching is a practical solution to people's development challenges and why so many people are booking personal coaching sessions to get the most out of life.

Why is it so coaching so effective and how do we know that coaching works?

Who has achieved what through coaching?

Why do organisations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on coaching programs for staff?

Step 3 - Who hires a coach?

You will understand why so many individuals and businesses are attracted to coaching and the top twenty reasons why someone hires a coach.

Is it for good people who want to be great? You will be amazed at the variety of those who come for coaching and the versatility of coaching as a tool for development.

I will explain the benefits of hiring a yourself a coach.

Step 4 - Experience coaching yourself

It is not until you have experienced coaching first-hand that you will appreciate the impact it can have.

You will guided by myself, an experienced coach, asking you some powerful and purposeful questions.

During the course I will coach you on a what you choose to be a current issue for you. In the group coaching courses I will not know your issue and neither will anyone else! This the moment when even the most hardened cynic starts to see the effectiveness of coaching techniques.

This practical demonstration is a highlight to the course as it suddenly turns a theoretical subject into EXACTLY what it should be - a practical skill that works with anyone, anywhere, in any country of the world.

Step 5 - Creating a compelling future for yourself

You will discover the powerful changes to your happiness in life and sense of personal control when you experience setting goals for yourself. Not just asking the question, "Where would you like to be in 3 years?" but actually devising a set of actions to take you closer to your life ambitions day by day.

This empowering feeling will last a lifetime as your life turns from generalities and wishes to specifics an achievements.

This professional group coaching from me is worth many, many times the price of of the course. I will take you through the 'Wheel of Life' exercise to help you identify the current priorities in your life and career and identify actions to get you moving forward with enthusiasm and at pace.

Step 6 - Overcoming your barriers

You will find these final two steps to be the most important of all: overcoming limiting beliefs and finding the strengths in yourself to make you an unstoppable force in your own life.

You will learn why we believe the things we believe, and what holds us back from being the kind of person we long to be.

You will play the Comfort Zone game to identify the specific barriers to your progress and to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones to move forward.

Step 7 - Maximising your potential

You will be shown how to identify the strengths in yourself, acknowledge them, develop them and appreciate them.

When you know where your strengths are, you become unstoppable in your life mission. These two last coaching principles will help you understand so clearly the direct benefits of coaching and of being coached.

Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers - The Course

This course is perfect for you if you are considering hiring a coach for yourself on a personal level or if you are researching hiring a coach for your company. After the course you will a very clear understanding of what coaching is and why it works.

Numbers for each workshop course is strictly limited, I only run this workshop to small / medium groups so that you can get maximum benefit from the sessions.

The Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course has been further developed from and a One Day introductory workshop created by The Coaching Academy and will be presentated to you by myself Aly Sproat, a solicitor, coach and Coaching Academy Licensed Trainer.

The one day workshop has been broken down into four one hour sessions which are delivered to groups in an online webinar and to individuals over the telephone or Skype.  The advantage of breaking the workshop into four sessions is you do not have to give up a valuable full day of your time away from your family and other commitments. 

The Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course will give you an insight into key coaching tools and for those who wish to progress further with coaching I provide a further coaching services where you can learn the key skills and benefits that coaching has to offer.

I promise you that the Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course is NOT a sales pitch for future course, or coaching though I can provide you with information about the coaching services I provide should you wish to explore coaching further.

The Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course is an interactive workshop which I  deliver online or over the telephone to individuals or groups.  The choice is yours.

The Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course is ideal if you learn about coaching and you are committed to your personal development. Feel free to tell your friends, relative or colleagues about the workshop, discounts are offered for group bookings. 

How does this workshop compare with other coaching workshops?

This workshop was developed by The Coaching Academy, the brand leader in coach training, the accepted founding organisation of coach training in the UK and the most popular choice of training school for coaches, more coaches have trained with The Coaching Academy than all of the other comparable schools combined.

The Coaching Academy is the only coach training school to be externally accredited or endorsed by 3 organisations, the only school to unequivocally guarantee all of its courses with a 1000% money back guarantee and the only coaching school to invest in the future of coaching.

How many people will be on the group sesssion on the Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course? Typically there will be a maximum 8 per group for the online workshop sessions.

This enables all my delegates to truly benefit from the workshop and get the most from their investment. As this is delivered online or over the telephone you will have no additional expenses for travel, parking or accomodation costs to meet.  You simple join the online Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course from your computer.

Who is the Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course trainer.

Aly Sproat the founder of Newcastle Performance Coaching and a solicitor herself will present the workshop to you.  All sessions last up to one hour.  For group coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to communicate with the other online delegates.

Each workshop whether on a one-to-one or group basis will start and end on time.  The workshop course is delivered over 4 one hour sessions.

Over the course you will learn exactly what the Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers are. Even if you do not take coaching further this workshop will be of value to you.

When you are coached you can take huge leaps forward in your life, for example your career, relationships and personal development.

The course is a great opportunity to meet me as your trainer and coach.  My approach is friendly and informal and you should quickly feel relaxed, ready to enjoy the sessions.

When is the next Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers group course running?

The group sessions are delivered weekly over 4 weeks at 8 pm on a Tuesday evening.  Contact me to find out when the next course is due to commence.

Sessions delivered to individuals can be booked in for the following times:

  • weekday mornings 10am
  • weekday evenings at 8pm
  • some weekend appointments are available
If you are interested in the booking the sessions as an individual we agree the dates and times of the sessions before the commencement of the course.

What does the next Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course cost?

The investment for the entire 4 session course is as follows:

Group sessions (per delegate) - only £97

Sessions delivered one-to-one - only £197

Are any of these true for you?

• You spend much of your time and energy doing things to please others and not really doing what you truly desire.

• Your life often feels small and stifling

• You want to get on at work but are not sure how or in what direction to progress.

• You sometimes feel you have no choices in life... you just turn up each day and go through the motions in your life

• You want to feel back in control of your life. Perhaps these are true for you? • Life/work is too stressful and you can’t seem to think clearly

• You have been promoted and you are unsure how to motivate your workforce to be proactive & enthusiastic

• ·You would like to develop your leadership & management skills

• ·You would like to gain a better work life balance

• ·You have a vision for your future and you’re keen to make it happen.

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any or all of the above questions, then invest one day in yourself & enrol on the next Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching for Lawyers course.

Discover how Coaching can help you succeed in your personal & professional Life.

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?

Here are some comments from previous workshop delegates

A thought provoking day and I will consider the content in my future planning and progression. Jon S.

Provided a good insight into life coaching. HD, NHS

I now have an understanding of what life-coaching can help people to achieve. JE, LAWYER

An interesting day that helped me think about what I want and where I want to go. LW, MANAGER, CIVIL SERVICE

Really enjoyed the day. A great introduction to coaching. Thanks. DW, BUSINESS OWNER

A fun informative day with lots of good company. A good introduction to the principles of life-coaching. SH, NHS.

This kind of prgoramme has the potential to help a number of people with a rangeof different issues. Cliff Johnson.

A useful insight into coaching. RW, Coaching is a very powerful tool. NR photographer

The workshop clearly enabled me to focus on my goals to enable me to be successful and ways of achieving those goals. AD

I couldn't quite work out my next step, until today. I can now. Hope to get some life coaching soon. G


Introduction to Coaching for Lawyers workshop delivered on 1:1 basis over 4 sessions.  Only £197